This portfolio features a collection of my best moments of creativity from 2019 to 2022. I am mainly engaged in painting, print-making and drawing, techniques which, although viewed as basic in academia, they are less popular to the large audience in the end.

I draw insipration from multiple humanitarian and social issues, lyrics and music, nature and landscapes, flashbacks to my past, and even the very concept of visual narrative observation. Each and every medium and technique finds its connection with the respective subject matter. I do not support that all topics should be represented by a single technique, but my experience so far has shown that there is always the right way, place and time to say something. I choose to embrace this approach, at least when it comes to expressiveness.

More and more often, I find myself concerned by ideas like fair and unfair, freedom, good and evil, and any other vague nonsense people tend to over-analyze in order to project their dialectics. For example, I am very curious about how a sensation triggers that part of the brain which is responsible for holding memories. This is the link among the works showcased herein; creating a reference point in the human mnemonic.

Quoting the words of many of us «What the heck, I don’t even remember what I ate yesterday» and paraphrasing poor Plato, «Actions are judged from result, just like yesterday’s food from defecation». Should we have some food for thought, imagine how tomorrow would feel like.